Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Old Kings Elementary School seeks to evolve and promote an educational environment where all students successfully learn together. Reflective in service to a great and clear ethical purpose that values the humanity and growth of each unique child and inspires the enrichment and improvement of students' education in our school.


We also serve as one of Flagler County Schools' ESE Cluster sites.  To better serve our exceptional students within the Flagler County School District, exceptionality aggregate sites were developed at the elementary, middle and high school locations.  Florida remains flexible in defining cluster sites, so the term may differ even between school districts.  Listed below are Flagler County Schools’ ESE cluster sites and a description of the exceptionality and/or skill, as well as the Florida State Board of Education Rules for qualification of the disability.

Here are OKES we serve as a one of the Life Functioning Skills Cluster sites.  A person requiring these skills needs assistance in meeting their own needs, such as feeding, dressing, toileting, traveling safely, money & household management, social skills, etiquette, verbal communication, job skills, and using time management and organizational strategies. The cluster sites will focus on these needs.

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