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2019 OKES Testing Calendar

This calendar includes school level, district level, and state level assessments

*School Based Practice Writing Assessment March 4th-March 8th Grades 4-6*





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Morning Entry Schedule

8:25am Car Rider Gates Open

9:05am Car Rider Gate Closes

9:10am Offical Start time for School

Afternoon Dismissal Schedule

3:40pm Car Rider Gate Opens 

3:40pm All students dismissed to the Buses

3:40pm Official End time for School


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Dress Code Policy

Students are required to adhere to the school district's dress code policy, at all times while attending school or any school-sponsored activity during the school day.

   Pants/Bottom Attire       

1. Must be khaki (tan), grey, white, navy blue, or black slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers, or plain blue or black denim jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers. A small trademark logo is acceptable.

2. Bottom attire must be plain without any holes, tears, or unfinished hems, and must be worn securely at the waist.

3. If bottom attire has visible belt loops, a belt must be used. Students in grades K-3 are exempt from this.


1. Shirts must be standard short or long sleeve polo style, oxford style, or button-up dress shirt with a collar. A small trademark logo is acceptable.

2. K-8 schools may use the district colors of white, black or grey and choose up to two additional standard school colors. (OKES school colors are pink and blue. Any shade) Shirts must be solid color and fabric. No lace or sheer materials, including “cut outs”.

On designated school Spirit Days or special events, students may wear their school logo t-shirt.

This page is not the complete Flagler County Schools Dresscode.

Please click the link below for the complete policy.