We welcome parents and guests to our school.  We ask that ALL parents and visitors enter the building through the front office unless directed otherwise. There, you will obtain your visitor’s pass.  Please wear the pass on the upper left shoulder area while on school grounds.   Guests are not permitted to go to the classroom unannounced during school hours or walk their child to class.  If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please prearrange a meeting with him/her.  This helps us keep the school secure and reduce disruptions to our instructional program.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe learning environment for our children.

Lunch Room Visits: Parents, we are very happy you are able to find time in your busy day to join your loved one for a lunch date.  During your child's scheduled lunch, your child will be called and meet you in the front office and together you will be able to enjoy lunch at one of the assigned parent/student lunch locations.  Due to increased security measures, friends and classmates are not able to join you nor will parents and/or family members be permitted to eat lunch in the dining hall while other classes are in there. Birthday celebrations and special occasions will also mirror a similar policy. We ask that you contact your child's teachers to set up a time/day that works best for all. Parents and/or family members will not be permitted to attend the celebration unannounced in the dining hall. We hope you enjoy your time together.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

17-18 Morning Entry Schedule

8:25am Car Rider Gates Open

8:40 Breakfast Students are dismissed to the cafeteria from buses and car rider areas

8:55am All students are dissmissed to class

9:05am Car Rider Gate Closes

9:10am Offical Start time for School

17-18 Afternoon Dismissal Schedule

3:30pm Car Rider Gate Opens/ All students dismissed to the Buses



School uniforms for all students began with the 2012-2013 school year.  The purpose of the School Uniform Information Section on the website is to keep parents and the community informed, as we work together to give students every opportunity to comply with this new board policy and receive the support and assistance needed to meet this initiative.  

You may click below to review the School Uniform Dress Code and the Uniform Policy Q & A.